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Silverback Sport is a leading touch rugby kit supplier in UK. Our rugby kits are a contemporary collection of premium quality technical items that come in both Predator and Sparta ranges. As well as the standard rugby shirt or vest with rugby short we also supply a sports socks, premium training rugby ball and bucket hats! Each item (including the rugby ball) is fully customisable.

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bespoke design
moisture wicking
lightweight fabric

Touch Rugby Vest
Being UK’s leading rugby kit supplier, Silverback Sport offer a range of touch rugby vest designs. Our touch rugby vests are available in both Predator and Sparta ranges 
and are a modern performance technical vest made from a lightweight and moisture wicking fabric. This premium vest can be used for teamwear, active training or leisure wear.

•    Fully sublimated for any design

•    Round-neck or V-neck collar options

•    Lightweight and moisture wicking fabric

•    Colour coordinated piping detail

•    Available in mens and ladies fit

Touch Rugby Shirt

Being UK’s leading rugby kit supplier, Silverback Sport offer a range of touch rugby shirt designs. Our rugby shirts are available in both Predator and Sparta and come in two fits – Elite (tight) and Pro (regular). Each rugby shirt is made from the latest technical fabrics and features cover-stitching for added durability. Various options for collars are available.

•    Fully sublimated for any design

•    Cover-stitched for added durability

•    Various collar options

•    Premium technical fabrics

Rugby Short

Silverback Sport is UK’s leading rugby kit supplier. Our rugby shorts are available in a variety of styles and are made from the latest technical fabrics, featuring a stretched gusset and a gripper lined waistband. 

•    Fully sublimated for any design

•    Various style options

•    Stretched gusset

•    Inner gripper on waistband

#Sport sock.png
#Sport sock.png

Titan Sports sock

Our Titan sports sock are a premium sock designed for comfort and durability. Ribbed ankle support will keep the sock in place with a padded sole and flat toe seam for extra comfort.

  • Ribbed ankle support for close fit

  • Micro-venting allows foot to breath

  • Flat toe seam for extra comfort

  • Padded Sole for extra comfort

  • Ribbed arch to prevent slippage

bespoke design
lightweight fabric



Silverback Rugby Ball
Silverback Rugby Ball

Titan Elite Training Ball

Our rugby balls are made from a high grade premium rubber compound and lined with a 5 ply rubber and laminate construction which use a high retention bladder. These balls can be customised with club colours and crest.

•    Can be customised with club colours & crest

•    High quality grade rubber

•    Lined with 5 ply rubber & laminate

•    Valve is placed on seam for better flight

bespoke design
#Bucket Hat.png

Bucket Hat

This premium bucket hat can be custom printed with any design.

•    Fully sublimated for any design

bespoke design




Silverback Sport is a leading rugby kit supplier in the UK. 


Our Touch Rugby Match Kit is custom designed with high quality performance fabrics.


Silverback touch rugby match kits are a contemporary collection of premium quality items that come in both our unique Predator and Sparta ranges. These can also be complimented by adding additional items from our Titan range of products that work with both Predator and Sparta.


Looking for personalised touch rugby kit supplier in UK? 


Silverback Sport is UK’s leading touch rugby kit supplier offering rugby sportswear range with customised sportswear designs made from high performance fabric. You can also build your own professional rugby sportswear kit. Choose any product from our Sparta or Predator range or customise style, colour, size and design every item in your professional rugby sportswear kit using our professional sportswear kit builder. 


Silverback Sport offers customised sportswear designs with build your own professional sportswear kit builder. Now you can choose each item and custom design your sportswear kit just the way you want. Once you have placed your order, we will be able to design, develop and deliver your professional sportswear kits all over UK. 


If you want to order personalised sports wear in UK, please feel free to call us at 01793 298023 or send us an email at to get a quote.

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Silverback Predator Tee
Silverback Sparta Polo
Titan Leisure Short
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