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If you want to order personalised sports wear, our Silverback ranges offer a unique contemporary collection of premium technical clothing developed in-house for training and leisure and make a perfect choice for professional sportswear kits. Our Predator leisure and training range features the unique Silverback V-Seam with box-cut sleeves. Our Sparta leisure and training range features the iconic Silverback backstripe with raglan-cut sleeves. Our Titan leisure and training range has been designed to complement both our Predator and Sparta ranges. And finally our Falcon Range is a quality stock option that can be used in conjunction with all the above ranges.


All of our bespoke range of products come with customised sportswear designs on high quality performance fabrics and we will be able to customise, design and deliver any size and number of sportswear kits if you want to bulk order personalised sports wear in the UK.

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