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1. Contact us

Send us your kit requirements to All we need is what items you are looking for from one of our ranges or sports, a rough brief on how you would like your kit to look, i.e. club colours, club crest, hoops, stripes plain etc. Also what style are you after, contemporary, crazy, classic design etc?


Get designing straight away on our kitbuilder and send us the final pdf of your creation along with your club crest and any other specifications such as sponsor logos, extra kit items etc.

2. Professional presentation

Whether you have asked us to design your kit in-house or you have sent us a kitbuilder design we will send you back a professional presentation with club crest included as well as any other specified items such as sponsor logos. We will also send you the prices for the kit items designed at this stage.

3. Design revisions

We will work with you and revise your designs until you are happy, this typically takes between 1-4 revisions. Once a final design has been signed-off we send you an order form to fill out and return to us.

4. Placing and payment

When the order form has been sent back to us we will issue an invoice for you to pay, we require full payment up-front. Once payment has been received we then template your items and send the order to our manufacturers. We do have a minimum order quantity requirement for placing an order with us*

5. Receiving your order

Typically you will receive your order 5-6 weeks after order placement. The order gets delivered to our Silverback offices first so we can do a quality check and audit to make sure all your kit has arrived safely. Once we are happy we dispatch your order on a next day courier service to your supplied delivery address.





Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 of the same product (mixed sizing), with the same fit (unisex or ladies) and using the same design. See below for a visual explanation of what you can and can't order:

Predator Web graphic iHoodie.png



10 of the same product, same fit and design.

Predator iHoodie (mixed sizing)

• 2x J14 (junior sizing)

• 2x J16 (junior sizing)

• 2x Small

• 2x Medium

• 2x Large



Can not mix ranges to hit MOQ.

Predator iHoodie

Sparta iHoodie

Predator Web graphic iHoodie.png



#Sparta iHoodie side.png


Can not mix fits to hit MOQ.

Predator Tee (unisex fit)

Predator Tee (ladies fit)

#Predator Tee side.png
#Predator ladies Tee side.png



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