Delivery Charges


We would like our customers to understand that Silverback Sport is first and foremost a team wear provider and not a general ‘retailer’. What is the difference you may ask? Put simply, as a team wear provider we mainly deal with bulk orders of bespoke products being sent to a single pre-agreed address of which the cost can be easily gauged based on quantity and weight. As a retailer you are expected to deliver to hundreds of different residential addresses dealing with a very diverse range of package size and weight. Taking this into consideration it is extremely hard to predict the cost of delivery for each individual order being placed through our online shop.


Our flat rate fee for 1-10 items is based on us using a highly reputable courier with tracking facilities. As all our products are custom made and not held as stock items on a shelf in a warehouse, we do not have the scale of economy to negotiate a cheaper rate at this point.


Your items are on a 5 week lead time for manufacture which makes it vitally important that they arrive at the correct destination in a traceable, insured and secure way. This avoids the possibility of you having to wait another 5 weeks for ‘lost’ items.


Silverback Sport are in no way increasing the price of delivery to make a profit.


The flat rate given is the best we can offer regarding the bespoke nature of our products and the relatively ‘low volume’ of orders that will be delivered in comparison to much larger retailers who can negotiate a much better rate for delivery.


We are happy to receive bulk orders, and invoice directly to allow multiple orders to be placed using a single shipping fee. We are also happy to refund any shipping costs for orders placed already if you would like multiple orders sent to one location.


Please contact us at if you have any further queries.



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